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  • In 1519, with the arrival of Hernán Cortés, Mesoamerica began to be integrated into the Spanish empire. Accompanying the conquistadores were Catholic religious orders, beginning with the Franciscans and continuing with the Dominicans, Augustinians, Mercedarians, and Jesuits. The Franciscan-Amerindian Diaglogs (FAD) project studies the interactions between the Mesoamerican Amerindians and the Catholic religious orders originating in Europe.
  • Eustochia Calafato was born in 1434 in Messina, Sicily, Italy, to Count Bernardo Calafato and Countess Macaldo Romano Colonna, who, according to legend, gave birth to Eustochia in a stable because she was directed to in a vision. Greatly influenced by her mother's piousness, Eustochia decided to dedicate her life to the church at an early age.
  • One of the Twenty-six Martyrs of Japan
  • Image Fidelis of Sigmaringen. Artist unidentified. Source
  • Arte para aprender la lengua Mexicana compuesto por Fr. Andres de Olmos, guardian del monasterio de Sant Andres de Sant Francisco de Veitlalpan en la provincia de la Totonacapa que es en la Nueva España. Acabose en primero dia de Henero del año mil quiniestos y quarenta y siete años. Publicado por Mr. Rémi Siméon, Paris. Imprenta Nacional. MDCCCLXXV. Reimpreso en México, 1885.
  • by Chiara Mancinelli
  • Courtesy of Mara Salvucci who worked on her PhD in Chicano and Latino literature while she was in residence at the ASU Hispanic Research Center, we have received a beautiful book, Francesco nell'arte da Cimabue a C
  • Francesco, giullare di Dio (Francis, God’s Jester), released in the United States as The Flowers of St. Francis, is a 1950 film directed by Roberto Rossellini and cowritten by Federico Fellini. The film is based on two anonymous medieval texts, I Fioretti Di San Francesco (Little Flowers of St.
  • Francis of Paola was born in 1416 in Paola, Calabria, Italy, to an extremely pious couple devoted to Saint Francis of Assisi. Like his parents, Francis was devout and entered the convent at thirteen. After completing a year in service to the Franciscans, he accompanied his parents on a pilgrimage to various sites of religious significance, such as Assisi and Rome.