Agnes of Bohemia

Agnes of Bohemia
Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Agnes of Bohemia (also known as Agnes of Prague) was a medieval Bohemian princess born in 1211 to King Ottokar I of Bohemia and Constance of Hungary. Her lineage claims several saints, including St. Elizabeth of Hungary, who was her cousin, and Sts. Ludmila and Wenceslaus, patron saints of Bohemia. Repeatedly used as a pawn in political maneuvering, Agnes was first betrothed at the age of 8 to the 10-year-old son of the Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II. That betrothal was short lived.  When she was older, Frederick II himself sought her for his wife, but by that point Agnes had become firmly committed to the church and beseeched the Pope to intervene on her behalf. At first, Frederick was enraged, but upon learning that Agnes intended to commit her life to serving the poor and nursing the sick, he acquiesced. Agnes entered the Order of St. Clare at St. Saviour in Prague, a monastery she had been instrumental in erecting. Although she was venerated soon after her death in 1282, Agnes was not beatified or canonized for more than 700 years.

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