Angela Merici

Angela Merici
Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Orphaned at the age of ten, Angela Merici joined the Third Order of Saint Francis after her beloved sister died before receiving final sacraments. As a young woman, she dedicated her time to teaching girls because she firmly believed they needed a better Christian education. She organized several unmarried women to gather the local girls, take them to Angela's home (which had been converted into a school), and teach them. Much later, a vision inspired her to form an organization of women, and she founded the Company of St. Ursula in 1535, which later became known as the Ursulines, an order of women whose primary goals are to educate girls and care for the sick and needy. Angela died on 27 January 1540. She was beatified in Rome on April 30, 1768 by Pope Clement XIII and canonized on May 24, 1807 by Pope Pius VII.


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Image caption: Pietro Calzavacca, Saint Angela Merici (1474-1540) as a teacher, devotional picture, pastel on paper, Merician Museum, Brescia, Italy. Source: