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Francis of Paola

Francis of Paola was born in 1416 in Paola, Calabria, Italy, to an extremely pious couple devoted to Saint Francis of Assisi. Like his parents, Francis was devout and entered the convent at thirteen. After completing a year in service to the Franciscans, he accompanied his parents on a pilgrimage to various sites of religious significance, such as Assisi and Rome. Upon their return, young Francis began a life of solitude, choosing to live in secluded caves and devoting his time to prayer and self-sacrifice. In 1436 two followers joined him, creating the foundation for what would become known as the Minim Friars. Seventeen years later, he established a Rule for his followers that called for penance, charity, humility, fasting, and a vegetarian diet. Pope Sixtus IV approved his Order in 1474, naming it the Hermits of Saint Francis of Assisi. The name changed to the Minim Friars in 1492. Francis became known for being able to divine the future and see into the hearts of men. Pope Sixtus IV sent him to France to attend to a dying King Louis XI. His ministrations were so appreciated that Louis's heir, Charles VIII, endowed several monasteries for the Minims. Francis remained in France until his death on April 2, 1507. He was canonized in 1519.

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