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John Charles Marchioni

John Charles Marchione (also known as St. Charles Sezze, St. Charles of Sezze, Carlo of Sezze, Giancarlo Marchioni, Karl av Sezze, and Karl von Sezze) was born in Sezze, Italy, on October 19, 1613, to humble but devoutly religious parents. A terrible student, Charles barely learned to read and write and spent most of his youth as a shepherd. He had a deep desire to become a Franciscan and became a lay brother at Naziano. Charles performed a variety of menial jobs—such as cook, doorman, and gardener—at monasteries near Rome, and word spread of his piety, his giving nature, and his simplicity of spirit. He eventually wrote several works that are described as mystical, and he is said to have received visions that allowed him to see the true nature of people. Charles is also credited with tending to victims of the plague of 1656. He was canonized by Pope John XXIII in 1959.

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