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The Knots of the Franciscan Cord

Many groups of pious individuals adopt the convention of wearing a knotted cord in recognition of the ropes that bound Jesus and as a reminder of their commitment. The white cord worn by dedicated Franciscans has from one to five knots that are tied in a bullion style. The three knots on the friar's cord represent his vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience. The Poor Clares wear a fourth knot that represents a commitment of enclosure. The Secular Franciscans wear a cord of five knots that represent the same as the friars' three as well as one for penance and one for detachment.


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Image caption: Saint Clare wears a fourth knot that represents a commitment to enclosure. Maestro di Gualdo Tadino, Santa Chiara Dossal, Santa Chiara, Assisi, Italy.