Fr. Jack Clark Robinson: Franciscans and Amerindians in Collaboration

00:36 - Father Jack finds his vocation and becomes a Franciscan

05:24 - The Order Frates Minor: How the OFM, OFM Conventuals, and OFM Capuchins emerge and develop

11:46 - The 60 Brothers of the Province of Guadalupe in New Mexico

12:49 - Franciscans and issues of immigration into the United States

15:43 - Evangelizing with conquistadors; evangelizing with immigrants from the ground up

21:42 - Sister Mary Katherine Drexel and the Franciscan presence on the Navajo Reservation

27:03 - Franciscans contribute to the development of Navajo writing and the compilation of its folklore

34:05 - Franciscan Missions and Pueblo Kivas: Peaceful coexistence