Sacile (Video)

Sacile, a town and municipality in Pordenone, is in the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region of northeast Italy. It is known as the "Garden of the Serenissima" after the many palaces that were constructed along the river Livenza for the nobility of the Most Serene Republic of Venice. The town developed in the seventh century as a stronghold on the route from Veneto to Friuli and it became part of the Patriarchal State of Friuli on its creation in 1077. The city was besieged on a number of occasions by troops of Venice and Treviso. In 1420 Sacile, along with the rest of Friuli, was annexed by the Republic of Venice. The town is famous for a Franciscan event: the Sagra dei Osei, a festival more than seven centuries old that is held on the first Sunday after August 15. Related to the end of summer and the beginning of autumn, the Sagra dei Osei features a bird-calling event and a market that of song birds, decoys, and goods of various kinds.

Day Footage - Oct. 10, 2010 
Videographers - Santiago Moratto, Brandon M. Ortega